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Office of the BISHOP


The Rt. Rev Scott B. Hayashi

Eleventh Bishop of Utah

The Rt. Rev Scott B. Hayashi was consecrated as the 11th Bishop of Utah on November 6, 2010. His ministry has featured a commitment to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s “Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement” as well as expanding the church’s role in social justice outreach. He has fought for the dignity of all in immigration laws, health care for all, and marriage and civil rights for all who are made in God’s image. To learn more about Bishop Hayashi and his ministry, please click here.

_0006_Monica Daly

Monica Daly

Assistant to the Bishop

Monica Daly is the Assistant to the Bishop. She provides assistance in scheduling, logistics, meeting coordination, office duties and other tasks related to the Bishop’s Office.

Office of the Chancellor

_0001_Steve Hutchinson

Canon Stephen Hutchinson, Esq.


Chancellor Stephen Hutchinson, Esq., serves the Office of the Bishop with legal advice. He is also the Church Attorney. His office produces contracts, background checks for persons serving in diocesan and congregational service and offers legal services to ministries and congregations. He is the Executive Director of Episcopal Community Services, the ministry that oversees chaplaincy programs, senior citizen housing facilities, diocesan participation in Youth Impact and other ministries.

_0013_Angie Rogers

Angie Rogers

Assistant to the Chancellor

Angie Rogers serves as Assistant to the Chancellor as well as serves the Commission on Ministry and the Standing Committee. Angie also coordinates material and serves as administrative assistant to Diocesan Convention. She maintains staff records, data basis and performs other administrative tasks for the Bishop and his office.

Finance Team

_0003_Stacy Shelton

Stacy Shelton


Stacy is the Chief Financial Officer and a  long-time employee of the Diocese of Utah. In addition to being CFO, she supports the treasurers, their congregations and other diocesan-related entities in accounting, including tax regulations.

_0000_Thomas Call

Thomas Call

Senior Accountant

Tom works closely with the Finance Team and Episcopal Church Center of Utah staff to ensure the highest quality of financial information as possible. He works to create an environment of confidence in the reporting of the financial activities of the Diocese.

_0008_Kay Tracy

Kay Tracy

Staff Accountant

Kay handles payroll functions for both the Diocese of Utah (EDU) and Episcopal Community Services (ECS.) 

She aids in benefit orientation and enrollments of medical, dental, GTL and disability insurance. She works on Property/Liability insurance for EDU, ECS and Camp Tuttle, as well as payables for ECS.

_0004_Sandy Garrard

Sandy Garrard

Staff Accountant

Sandy prepares and files payables. She also handles receipt processing.

Youth Ministry / Camp Tuttle

_0009_Karen Gleeson

Karen Gleeson

Youth Coordinator/Camp Tuttle Liaison

Karen serves as liaison and resource person for priests, parishes, youth, and staff for youth ministry events and Camp Tuttle. She coordinates youth activities and retreats, in addition to working with participants on registrations and scholarship needs. Karen serves on the Faith Formation Committee which supports faith formation for children and youth in the Diocese of Utah. Karen coordinates summer camp and camp staff, in addition to managing safety and facilities for camp.


_0005_Rhonda Uber

Rhonda Uber

Event and Facilities Manager

Rhonda oversees the facilities management of the Episcopal Church Center of Utah and the events happening in the center and the diocese.


Gary Lindemann

Guest Services Coordinator

The Guest Services Coordinator is stationed at the front desk to receive and welcome guests, direct phone calls, and coordinate events for the ECCU and the Cathedral.


Christine Jenkin

Event Assistant

The Event Assistant sets up meeting rooms for events, provides AV support to groups and performs basic building maintenance.


_0011_Craig Wirth

Canon Craig Wirth

Communications Director

Craig Wirth is the Canon for Communications. The office is responsible for newsletters, media relations, webcasts, podcasts, social media, videos, websites and other communications vehicles used by the diocese. The communications office also serves as the creative services division of the diocese, designing and producing materials for both internal and public use. The Diocesan office assists the wider church in producing and maintaining the Title IV website for clergy misconduct prevention and convention live streaming tasks.

_0010_Halee Oliver

Halee Oliver

Communications Assistant &
Social Media Director

Halee Oliver is the Communications Office specialist in art direction, social media content and design, web streaming direction, and informational technology. She also serves as newsletter editor and website maintenance director. Halee is the podcast director and further assists in video production and other internal and public communications.

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