2022 Diocesan Convention

The following candidates have been nominated for the 2022 Diocesan Convention:

DIOCESAN COUNCIL (1 Lay Term, 2 Clergy Term)

Clergy Term 

Nominated: The Rev. Canon Pablo Ramos

Nominated by: The Very Rev. TylerDoherty

Congregation: San Esteban/St. Stephen’s

Statement of Nomination:

Fr. Pablo Ramos takes the responsibility of taking part in the life of the church very seriously. He has served on Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, Deputy to General Convention, Episcopal Community Services, etc. Pablo is a strong and talented leader. He is growing a vibrant and diverse Ministry at San Esteban/St. Stephen’s. His experience and leadership skills will help build and shape our Diocese as we welcome a new Bishop and move forward doing the work God calls us to do.

I am currently the Vice President of the Council. Although my term on Council comes to an end this year, I would like to be considered for an additional term. We will be electing a new Bishop at this Diocesan Convention. Our Diocesan Council will play an important role as we begin our journey with a new Bishop. Keeping continuity and diversity will be key to our success. The voices of all our brothers and sisters in Christ need to be heard and represented on Diocesan Council. I was born and raised in Mexico. I received my undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; my Maestria en Teologia (M.Div) and Doctor of Divinity are from St. Andrew’s Seminary, Mexico City. I am both bilingual and bicultural. I was ordained as a priest in 1996. I have worked in the Diocese of Utah since 1998, and currently serve as the Canon for the Latino Ministry, Vicar at San Esteban/St. Stephens. As well as being the Vice President of Council, I am also a Deputy this year General Convention and a Board Member of Episcopal Community Services.


Nominated: The Rev. Patricia Hart

Nominated by: The Rev. Patricia Hart 

Congregation: St. Peter’s

Statement of Nomination:

I am a recently ordained priest and the vicar of St. Peter’s in Clearfield. I would bring to the Council a unique calling to the priesthood that isn’t limited to brick and mortar churches, and I would bring a firsthand perspective of the needs and challenges facing mission congregations. Beyond that, I was a member of The Cathedral of St. Marks from childhood to much of my discernment process, spent six months of my discernment at St Paul’s, from there to All Saints as a candidate for holy orders, and assigned to St. James as a transitional deacon. Few possess the diversity of my recent experiences and, therefore, the ability to speak to the needs of multiple congregations ranging from mission to family, to downtown Cathedral ministry. I understand that the development of mission congregations has been a matter of significant attention for the Diocesan Council under Bishop Scott. Missions will very likely remain an area of focus under the next bishop. Having the presence on the Council of a vicar, with a call to ministering to those in and outside of traditional institutions, one who has recently been part of the ordination process, and who possesses a wide ranging first hand experiences, including the benefit of secular real world knowledge, I feel that my background will be of great value to the whole of the Diocese.


Nominated: Deacon Patricia Sanchez

Nominated by: Rev. Claudia Seiter

Congregation: The Church of the Good Shepherd

Statement of Nomination:

Deacon Patricia (Patti) Sanchez will be a wonderful addition to the Diocesan Council. She brings years of experience as a deacon and even longer experience as a member of this Diocese. Patti currently serves as Deacon at The Church of the Good Shepherd, Ogden. She began her Diaconate experience at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Clearfield. Because St. Peter’s was coupled with St. Michael’s in Brigham City, Patti was also called upon occasionally to serve St. Michael’s as well. Having been so actively involved in the northern parishes has given Patti a unique perspective regarding outlying parishes and their relationship with the Diocese, as well as the opportunities for evangelizing through actions in these communities. A Deacon’s perspective is an important element for the Council when developing programs and considering funding. Patti has led and participated in several ministries that help tie parishes to the surrounding communities and the diocese as a whole. Patti gives 100% to every ministry she participates in. She is a Board member for Family Promise of Ogden, devoted to assisting the homeless. She also serves on the Board of Interfaith Works!, sharing in ecumenical ministries and communication. As she prepares for her Chaplaincy at Ogden Regional Hospital, or visits nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, Patti continually demonstrates her willingness to serve others. Her service and voice on the Diocesan Council will be a blessing to us all. I heartily recommend Deacon Patricia Sanchez for the Diocesan Council.

Yours in Christ The Rev. Claudia Seiter Utah Diocese

Standing Committee (1 Lay Term, 1 Clergy Term)

Lay Term

Nominated: Atem Aleu

Nominated by: Fr. Gabriel Atem

Congregation: All Saints South Sudanese

Statement of Nomination:

Atem Aleu is a South Sudanese and has lived in the US since 2001. He has been an outstanding member for over 21+ years, and He attend South Sudanese congregation services, at 2 pm, for worship. At All Saints He has been a Youth/Sunday school teacher & events coordinator for Sudanese Congregation at All Saints for almost 20+ years now. Also, he was serving – 3 years term vestry, He served as a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, Bishop’s search committee 2022 and have attended the several Diocese Convention! Since June 2014, Atem has been working as a community Programs Supervisor for the State of Utah at the Department of Workforce Services. He also taught for 3 years at the Department of African and African-American Studies at Harvard University. His never changed is denomination since he was baptized as Episcopalians in 1984. His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Since 2004 to 2009 he returned to Refugee Camps in Northern Kenya, Northern Uganda and South Sudan every year to volunteer and teach his “dialogue through art” methodology to displaced refugee young adults. Atem graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 with BFA. He went on to attained master’s degrees in cultural production at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Master in coexistence and conflict at the Heller School for Social Policy & Management at Brandeis University. In 2010 he graduated from Brandeis with two masters. Additionally, he has been specifically trained in developing community relations materials including Coexistence & Conflict Resolution, Cultural Production, Dialogue & Mediation Skills, Gender and Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Case Management, and Leadership. He is a social career person who loves to work with people on social issues. his work as peacebuilder has given him a unique perspective on the pains and challenges people face on daily basis. He has a bigger dream to use art for peace-building by opening a center in South Sudan that will encourage members of the country’s 64 different tribes to understand and value each other’s cultures. Atem Aleu: Atem has over 20+ years of experience working with refugee populations, both in the U.S. and in refugee camps abroad. He has been with Department of Workforce Services since 2014. Before DWS, he worked for Blackrock Microsystems as a supervisor and taught at the Department of African-American Studies at Harvard University. He was also a Program Coordinator for the African Language Program & Coordinator of Publications. Atem has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from BYU and Master in Coexistence & Conflict Resolution degree and Master in Cultural Production from Brandeis University.

Nominated: Taran Bhagat

Nominated by: Kurt Cook

Congregation: St Mary’s

Statement of Nomination:

As a member of St. Mary’s since 1994 Taran has been significantly involved in the life of the congregation. His many roles include the Bishop’s, Finance, Discernment, and Nominating Committees, Clerk and Treasurer of the Congregation, Youth Group Leader and Nursery worker. He has been the congregation’s Angel Tree coordinator for the last 20 years. His experiences have allowed him to develop skills in navigating challenging and complex situations with a thorough thought process, evaluation, open conversations, and collaboration. He is talented in noticing and/or defining the details to contribute to a fuller bigger picture. He is appropriately bold, and leads with respect and patience, while valuing others perspectives. He enjoys contributing positively to the community, and shows up being present in body, in heart, and in spirit. He has a robust understanding of finances, policies and guidelines, and is passionate about helping others understand the ‘why’ to make sure everyone is on board with actions moving forward. Taran would add a voice and perspective from the South-side of Timpanogos Point and through the eyes of a mission congregant.

Lay Term

Nominated: Jessica Strout

Nominated by: Fr. Christopher Szarke

Congregation: St James

Statement of Nomination:

Jessica “Jinx” Strout is a member of St James Episcopal Church. She is currently on the Vestry, serving as Junior Warden. She also serves on the Altar Guild and St Brigid’s Guild. Jessica has been a member of St James for over 40 years. Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts, Family and Human Development, from the University of Utah. She owned a child care facility for 10 years in Sandy UT. She recently retired from the Utah Department of Health as a manager with the Bureau of Licensing and Certification, Child Care Licensing program. The program oversaw the health and safety licensing rules of child care facilities. She has also volunteered at her granddaughters’ elementary school in the Meet The Master’s Art program and as a reading tutor. She has a special needs adult son and advocated for his education and needs throughout his life. Jessica is dedicated, thorough with details, has a vision for the future while being able to focus on the needs of today, and has a great spirit of collaboration and leadership.

Nominated: John Dossett

Nominated by: Rev Pat Hart

Congregation: St. Peter’s Clearfield

John Dossett is a member of St Peter’s Episcopal Church. He is currently on the Bishop’s Committee, serving as Senior Warden. John retired from his career in 2019 after serving as an RN 34.5 years. John brings his compassion and caring for others to St. Peter’s and has been an active force in keeping the St Peter’s community together over the transitions this community has faced. His resourcefulness, faith, and commitment would be a great value for the Diocese and the Standing Committee.


Clergy Term

Nominated: The Rev. Michael Carney

Nominated by: Mike Mitchell

Congregation: St Elizabeth’s

Statement of Nomination:

As Chair of the Nominating Committee, Michael not only has the leadership skills but Pastoral skills as well. His leadership skills truly engages a team environment that is inclusive. Not often have I met clergy that has this skill set but Michael, as Chair of the Nominating Committee, lead this search to a successful conclusion. Michael also has interpersonal skills and a great gift of thinking a process through. He looks for other opinions of a problem before coming to a conclusion. He would be a great asset to the Standing Committee as well as the Diocese.

Disciplinary Board (2 Lay Terms, 1 Clergy Term)

Lay Terms

Nominated: Jim Palmer

Nominated by: Stephen Hutchinson

Congregation: St.James

Statement of Nomination:

Mr. Palmer has been serving as a valued member of the DB, which had included occasional training in canonical procedures and a readiness to serve on a disciplinary panel as may be necessary.


Nominated: Jeffery Shields

Nominated by: Stephen Hutchinson

Congregation: All Saints

Statement of Nomination:

Mr. Shields has been serving as a valued member of the DB, which had included occasional training in canonical procedures and a readiness to serve on a disciplinary panel as may be necessary.


Clergy Term

Nominated: Elizabeth (Libby) Hunter

Nominated by: Stephen Hutchinson

Congregation: Cathedral Church of St. Mark

Statement of Nomination:

Rev. Hunter has been serving as a valued member of the DB, which had included occasional training in canonical procedures and a readiness to serve on a disciplinary panel as may be necessary.


Nominated: The Ven. Robert Shoop

Nominated by: Fr. Christopher Szarke

Congregation: St. James, Midvale

Statement of Nomination: The Ven. Robert Shoop is a native Utahn and cradle Episcopalian.  He was baptized at St. Peter’s (on the old St. Marks Hospital grounds), confirmed at the Cathedral Church of St. Mark, married to Rolene at All Saints in 1968,  and ordained at St. James in 1985 and has served the congregation since that time. Robert graduated from Olympus High School in 1965, and received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Utah in 1969.  He went on for his Masters in Computer Science, ABD, and received his MBA in 1978.  His secular career was in Computer Science, working at Unisys, Enterasys, and L-3 communications up until his retirement in 2014. Robert has served on the diocesan council and the disciplinary board.  

Diocesan Treasurer

Nominated: David Lingo

Nominated by: Fr. Steve Andersen

Congregation: Retired Cleric – Canonically Resident

Statement of Nomination:

Mr. Lingo has faithfully and successfully discharged his responsibilities and duties as the Diocesan Treasurer for many years, with thoughtfulness and passion for this ministry.


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