Candidates for Diocesan Council Eastern Region

ELECTED: Connie Witt

Nominated by: The Rev. Dave Sakrison

Congregation: St. Francis (Moab) 

Statement of Nomination:

Connie has served the remainder of Don Phillips term on the Council. Connie in her personal life was a Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, Administrator and  Assistant Superintendent of Education in various districts in New Mexico but primarily at Los Alamos, New Mexico. She was Program Director of Education at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Director of Education at Rock Point Navajo Mission School. 

Connie has been a faithful member of St Francis for 17 years and has served in various  capacities but notably in her efforts in reaching out to Native American and Latino populations. She is active in our Soup Lunch Program and Food Pantry. 

She loves the outdoors and is eager to visit the congregations of the Eastern District, if she can just get her Priest in gear ?to take her around and introduce her. 

I feel that Connie would bring a fresh and diverse perspective to the Council. She is an amazing person with a lot of energy. 

Respectively Submitted, 

Fr Dave Sakrison

Candidates for Standing Committee (Clergy)

ELECTED: The Rev. Trace Browning

Nominated by: The Rev. Pablo Ramos

Congregation: All Saint’s Episcopal Church (SLC)

Statement of Nomination: 

Trace is the Rector of All Saints Church in Salt Lake City, He grew up in Ogden, Utah and knows the Utah culture well. He has been a priest in the Episcopal Church for 25 years, serving parishes in New York, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Utah. He is going off Diocesan Council this month, having served on that committee for 6 years, including several years as the vice-president of council. He has been a Deputy to General Convention twice, for the Dioceses of Easter Oregon and Utah, and will be a Deputy again at the 2022 Convention. Trace would be honored to served on the Standing Committee.


Candidates for Diocesan Council

ELECTED: The Rev. Gabriel Garang Atem

Nominated by: Father Pablo Ramos

Congregation: All Saint’s Episcopal Church (Salt Lake City)

Statement of Nomination: 

The Reverend Gabriel Garang Atem is one of the Lost Boys of the South Sudan. He was born on Christmas Day 1978 in Boma at Kiir, Lith Payam, South Sudan. In 2001, he was granted the opportunity to settle in the United States of America and relocated to Richmond, Virginia. In 2004 he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. The following year, he began studies at Salt Lake Community College, where he was awarded an Associate of Arts. Gabriel was ordained as a priest, on October 1, 2016 at All Saints Episcopal Church Salt Lake City, Utah, where He serves as an Assistant Rector, & Pastor of the All Saints Episcopal Church South Sudanese Jieng/Dinka Congregation. He has been attending the AFRECS National Conference to strengthening the peacemakers: South Sudan and Diaspora. On the Diocese level he currently serves on the Standing Committee and as deputy to the General Convention. He is willing to give his time and energy to serve for the diocesan council, with the ability to see the big picture of operations and program and willingness to experience how the diocese function!


Candidates for Standing Committee

ELECTED: Kurt Cook

Nominated by: debi Kuwada

Congregation: St. Mark’s Cathedral (SLC)

Statement of Nomination: 

Kurt has been a member of the Diocese since 2002 and has served on the Standing Committee for the past two years. During that time he participated in Standing Committee/Diocesan Council visitations to St. Jude’s, Spirit of the Desert, St. David’s, St. Francis’, St. Michael’s, St. Peter’s and the Sudanese Congregation at All Saints. After worshipping with each community he visited, he spent time after each service getting to understand each group and to learn about what they felt was important in the life of the Diocese.  He found joy in connecting with others in the dioceses and visiting our historical sites.  This visitation program came to a sudden halt with the pandemic. Kurt has been a positive and active contributor in the progress of our current New Bishop Search and would like to continue with that process to its conclusion.  He has also expressed a strong desire to continue visitations to each parish connecting Standing Committee with our dioceses.   His knowledge of our Episcopal history here in Utah has also added to Standing Committee’s  growth and understanding of who we are and our rich history here in Utah. Kurt is willing and able to server as your representative on Standing Committee.

Candidates for Disciplinary Board (Clergy)

ELECTED: The Rev. Dave Sakrison 

Nominated by: Steve Hutchinson

Congregation: St. Francis Episcopal Church (Moab) 

Statement of Nomination:

“I have served on this board before and have good knowledge of what is expected.”





ELECTED: Mary Janda

Nominated by: Mary Janda

Congregation: Retired Clergy and Supply Priest for Diocese

Statement of Nomination:

I have served in various diocesan committees and councils:  COM, Diocesan Council and Standing Committee.  I believe that I would bring a calm presence and discerning heart to this board.

Candidates for Disciplinary Board

Elected: Angela Micklos

Nominated by: Steve Hutchinson

Congregation: St. James Episcopal Church (Midvale) 

Statement of Nomination:

Angela Micklos is continuing her service for a second three-year term as Senior Warden at St. James Church.  Her faithful service to the Church in many lay ministry capacities has been a constant focus of her life since childhood.  Angela is extremely well qualified for service on the Disciplinary Board.  As a lawyer, she has worked as a prosecutor, then as a member of the Utah State Board of Pardons and Parole, and later as its Chair.


Elected: David Lingo

Nominated by: Fr. Christopher Szarke

Congregation: St. James Episcopal Church (Midvale) 

Statement of Nomination:

David Lingo has a long history in the diocese and has served this position well.  He has outstanding communication skills, attention to details, and is very good at communicating between the diocese and our parish. I share my strong endorsement that David Lingo be reappointed to the position of Diocesan Treasurer. 




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